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Food and Beverages

The Food & Beverage sector that’s professionally known as its initials, F&B is the largest sector in the hospitality industry. That is also the department the C34 Group specialize in - Your Success is our Success too.

The F&B industry is estimated to provide 50% of all meals eaten in the SA today. It comprises of establishments primarily engaged in preparing meals, snacks, and beverages for immediate consumption on and off the premises. When a restaurant is part of a hotel, services it renders can enhance the guest experience by providing excellent food and first-class customer service.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism sector comprises many different industries and sub-industries, including services such as retail travel, currency exchange, tour operators and tourist boards. Travel and tourism deal with services related to moving people from where they are to different destinations [Bus, Planes, Ships, Trains]

Leisure travel is when we spend money on hospitality [Accommodation, Food, Beverage] just to relax or spending time with family and friends all comforting their specific needs.

The actual function is to encourage people to travel, visit their home country or visiting other countries and spend money on hospitality leisure or business, they spend money on hospitality.

Lodging & Accommodation

As nouns the difference between accommodation and lodging is that accommodation is (senseid) lodging in a dwelling or similar living quarters afforded to travellers in hotels or on cruise ships etc. while lodging is a place to live or lodge. Accommodation in a house, especially in rooms for rent: to furnish board and lodging. a temporary place to stay; temporary quarters. lodgings, a room or rooms rented for residence in another's house.

  • Motels (Motel accommodation usually features a selection of studio, one, or two bedroom units ... )

  • Hotels

  • Apartments

  • Bed & Breakfasts

  • Luxury Lodges

  • Boutiques and Lodges

  • Homestays

  • Holiday Parks and Campgrounds


Recreational Facilities means spas, saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, exercise, entertainment, athletic, playground or other similar equipment and associated accessories. Taking part in recreational activities, especially outdoors, can greatly improve physical health. People who take part in park activities such as walking, hiking, or skiing, schedule fewer office visits, maintain lower body fat percentages, and have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This is why correct hospitality management is so crucial in the Worldwide industry.